We know there is a lot of concern among the general public about going to the dentist amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s understandable. After all, you can’t social distance and clean someone’s teeth at the same time! However, routine dental care is incredibly important to your overall well being. That’s why the team here at Gentle Dentistry has put safety protocols in place to keep our patients and staff as safe as humanly possible.

A statement from the American Dental Association

On August 12th, 2020, the American Dental Association released a statement officially reiterating the importance of preventative dental care to a person’s overall health. It stated that the ADA disagreed with the WHO’s recommendation that people put off routine dental care. By doing so, you lose the chance to evaluate, diagnose, prevent and treat oral disease. The Minnesota Dental Association strongly supports this stance and agrees that the public should not put off routine visits to the dentist.

The MDA pointed out that safety has always been a top priority of dental clinics in Minnesota, and they have put additional protections in place due to the pandemic. Under Gov. Walz Executive Order 20-51, elective and non-emergency dental procedures were put back into practice in May of this year. Dr. Stephen McDonnell, president of the MDA, was quoted as saying:

“Since being allowed to reopen in May, dental clinics have been practicing increased safety precautions and incorporating social distancing and virus mitigation measures. Patients can feel assured when receiving routine oral care or necessary dental procedures during this time in Minnesota.”

Gentle Dentistry promises to provide safe oral care visits

Gentle Dentistry would like our patients to know that The Board of Dentistry strictly regulates all dental professionals in the state. It is monitoring the COVID-19 situation extremely carefully. Going to the dentist should not be compared to visiting a hair salon or going to a restaurant. Dental clinics have always been experts in the execution of proper infection control procedures. And in response to COVID-19, Gentle Dentistry has added additional precautions following CDC, ADA and MDA guidelines. We have increased the length of time for patient appointments to allow for extra cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Patients can now complete paperwork electronically prior to their appointments, thereby reducing time spent in the waiting room. We are screening our patients via phone before appointments, and again when patients arrive regarding possible COVID-19 symptoms. Our team is also wearing additional personal protective equipment as an added safety barrier between staff and patients.

Regular dental visits, along with consistent brushing and flossing at home, can prevent many issues that can seriously compromise your health. Gentle Dentistry would like to encourage you to keep your upcoming routine dental care visit. If you have recently canceled an appointment, please think about rescheduling. We all need to do what we can to keep our bodies in excellent health, especially in the middle of the current COVID-19 crisis. Good oral care is the gateway to staying healthy. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Stay safe and keep smiling!

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