March 19th Update

Dear Gentle Dentistry Team –

First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude for everyone’s cooperation and support as we face this unprecedented time in our lives.  Your safety and wellbeing is our priority and we are glad to report that as of this time, we have not heard that any of our staff or patients have tested positive for the COVID19 virus.

We also want to update you on the latest news from the Board of Dentistry.  Effective March 23, the Governor mandated postponement of all non-emergency dental procedures indefinitely.  Gentle Dentistry had already implemented the Governor’s mandate as a proactive approach to keep employees and patients safe.  We will keep you informed immediately as we learn more.

We are very grateful to our Emergency Response Teams at New Hope Quebec, Plymouth and Alexandria for their unfailing commitment to provide necessary emergency care to our patients these past several days.

We recognize that this is scary and unsettling for our Team and for our patients.  Please know that we are pursuing every potential avenue of support to ensure that as we move out of this pandemic situation and get back to full operations, we are strong and ready to move forward.  We are very grateful for the excellent work and dedication of our Leadership Team in helping us manage through the ever-changing details and keeping us on top of the needs of our employees and patients.

We know you have many questions – we do, too.  We know you have many concerns – that is understandable.  We will keep you informed as we learn more and want to assure you again, that we are following the strictest protocols for patient care and employee safety, and are on top of every relief package available to support our Team.

Be safe.  Practice handwashing and social distancing.  Please heed the warnings and suggestions from the CDC.  Follow the link below for more information:  We’ll be in touch with you again as soon as we have more information to share.

Charlie Johnston                Bette Fenton

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