Updates- Possible Opening Date, Info Coming Soon

Greetings, Team Gentle Dentistry —

Later today we expect to receive an update from the Governor regarding the potential opening date for dental practices across the state of MN.  We don’t have advance word, but the rumor mill is strong indicating that we could possibly be opening by June 1.  We wanted to give you a heads up to that possible announcement.  We assure you, we don’t know more than you have possibly also heard through various websites and connections.

Dependent on the message from the Governor, we’ll be communicating with you soon after on our plans to get fully operational again.  We all know that the way we will be doing business will be different than it was before the shutdown on March 17 with new protocols for patient and employee safety, and new mandates/recommendations from the CDC, ADA and state of MN.  Rosa Davis, Kelly Solt and Kristin Thompson have been all over it on a daily basis and we’re working on defining our new operating protocols, clinic hours to meet social distancing guidelines, PPE recommendations, etc.  We’re committed to keeping you safe and providing patients with premier service under the conditions we are experiencing.

Stay tuned.  We’ll be in touch soon.  Very anxious to see everyone again and get back to serving patients.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, stay home.

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