UPDATE: Social Distancing Timeline Lengthened, Gentle Dentistry Team Facebook Page 3/30/20

We are updating our clinic door signs today along with information for patients on the website at www.smilemn.com.  We will also continue to communicate with patients via Solution Reach email and text.  At this time, we are not rescheduling patients.  As we learn more and have confidence in an opening date, we will start the rescheduling process.

Our first priority is your safety and wellbeing.  Please heed the Governor’s mandate to “stay at home”, wash your hands, and follow the guidelines for sanitizing food and items you bring into your home.

We’ve heard from lots of you on how much you miss each other and your Gentle Dentistry family.  Kristin has set up a GD Dream Team private Facebook page so we can share stories, photos and anecdotes of our experiences during this crazy time.  You can connect here:


Some of the stories of being home with the kiddos have been pretty hilarious.  And some of the outfits and “no makeup” faces we’re experiencing during our Leadership Team’s multiple times a day and evening connections have been, well, not to be shared widely. J

Join us on Facebook for some lighthearted banter and sharing.

Keep checking our Employee Communications Center on the website at www.smilemn.com for the latest information on Benefits and the April 15 deadline for insurance payments.  The username is Employee and password is Gentle123*.  Kelly Solt will also be posting links to CE and webinars to advance our learning and keep our skills sharp.  We’ll also alert you to postings on the website through the GD Dream Team private Facebook page.

Be safe.  Be well.  Follow the rules!  Look forward to sharing with you on Facebook on the private page.


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