Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Bodin:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again and again for restoring my smile. On the surface it sounds cliché, but truly it was a long path to go form basic goals of fixing broken teeth and receding gums to an  outstanding smile.

As you know more than most, I am a tense patient.  I have had a lot of dental work over the years, much of which was sub par.  I was left with a lousy smile, sore gums, sensitivity to hot and cold and a strong fear of dental work.  I vividly remember posing for pictures, trying to avoid the darkness in my smile.  I am a professional, often speaking before groups.  I am now able to confidently interact.  I am still surprised when I view a current picture of the stunning smile.

You have been great and very patient with me, my fears and my schedule.  You explained every step of the way, managed my fears and Brenda has always been highly accommodating to my changing schedule. I frequently receive smile compliments and I always mention your name.  You are my hero.

If you ever need a reference, I am smiling proof of what is possible.”

– Mary M.

“First off, I would like to say how lucky I am to have found a clinic so genuine and caring.  My experiences with dentists over the years have led me to be fearful and anxious to the point where I would only go to the clinic when painfully necessary.  It’s not that way with you and Dr. Bodin.  Nobody in your office talked down to me about my dental habits or the horrible condition of my teeth.  Instead, I received positive feedback on how to floss and brush better, smarter. 

As far at the work I have had done:  Dr. Bodin is nothing short of a miracle worker!  I haven’t been able to smile this confidently in at least a decade!

 Thank you Dr. Bodin, Brenda and staff for making trips to the dentist….dare I say it….enjoyable.”

– Collin L.